Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Appearance of Disappearance

Disappearances seem to me traced back to where touch was lost, or where one could say that one was out of touch.  In this digital age it seems that the empiricists have won, and leave one instead cold lonely and alone.  

We separate behind plastics, and keep trying to divide.

Have you tried to add the pieces together and see if they create a whole?  Or have you instead lost yourself in a hole, buried deep down with the rabbits and tea pots.

Alice is calling.

And I am outside the rabbit hole, whole, staring up into the sun, inside and out shining in my knights armor.  And I await for the night, and I sleep, and I dream the most pleasant dreams while the lies, flutter through the nights air like fire flies, while you swat at them, like the nightmares of rising tides of faux-infidelity and fearful chatter of ignorance and stag, to be stagnant.

To never change?  Well I always have sense to spare, I always welcome change.

And I always have good common cents to share.

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