Monday, June 29, 2009


The concept of being happy, of content that is in ones life, is probably one of the most difficult to address on the surface, and essentially a state of mind that everyone hopes to achieve one day. I say one day only because there are those who believe the world to be an awful place, who see the pain and suffering, of both self and those around, with a sort of contempt. And they believe not only will the world and its inhabitants never change, but they cannot help.

They are wrong.

If you were to read some of my previous writings you may believe me to be many things, I don't know what, I will leave the interpretations, or MISS-Interpretations up to you and your understanding. I see this, as is stated in the header, this and the inherent writings, they are an outlet. I'd like to hope that my outlet could allow for other people to "plug-in" and receive some sort of personal enlightenment, to change something other than the page on their web browser. But that is doubtful.

Happiness is about making a choice, accepting reality in context of self and place, and being content with this choice, this can be achieved in control over self.

You need self control.

Now one may say they have discipline, they have this, they have structure, order to life, but chances are they merely have routine, they have repetition, they do the same thing and because it works, it is viewed as control, sometimes even progress. This illusion is quickly shattered when other people enter your life, for better or for worse. Again, in terms of inadequacy, to look at the negative aspect of others entering ones life when compared in context to self, that is a choice. You have to choose to think or feel that way. You can only let another person affect you so much. At first it can be difficult, but with discipline, self control, you can help to define who and what you truly are. Other people will try to project their insecurities,their fears, their shortcomings onto you.

Stay away from those people.

Ultimately we are all people, we all have a similar potential for greatness, it is not bestowed upon you, one does not ask to achieve, one merely does. You either act, or you do not act, you have a choice. A choice to stay or leave, a choice to make your dream a reality, or spend your day dreaming. People are our greatest resource, we see this time after time, and in the old stories of those who pursue material good or hedonistic pleasure only to try to fill an empty vacuous void of endless wants.

You seek personal enlightenment? Do you seek to open or close doors? It is all up to how you choose to see yourself and place in the world, this isn't an overnight eureka moment, this isn't something to rush into, a change you make instantly. Instead it is a slow path to personal self-discovery, to figure yourself out.

If one can conquer their inner self, their inhibitions, their primal instincts, one can then conquer the world.

Everything happens for a reason, and as they say, what goes around comes around.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

defy cult ties


I enjoy wordplay, probably more than most people.  A play on words or a pun, a metaphor, is almost enhanced when one is able to type it and see it, sure of course I can think of words as the word them self or the image that proceeds, but to see, the sea, well, u c differently LOL.

Anyways, what weighs me down seems to be a burden that is difficult to openly speak of, not to defy cult ties, because I belong to none, the title for anyone who can think fast enough, is a play on words for difficulties.

But in a sense if one was to read greater into this they could make some sort of attempt to discern a greater meaning.  That is a fault I find in the field of psychology and basically any situation in which one speaks in metaphors or looks too much into the art of the artist.
Case and point (listen and read):

you see I'm awake
this compute her is sleeping
seems wide mistakes
not worth repeating

I'm buried by your lies
I'm dragged by these ties
you'd use this to destroy this

lawful orderliness mess
lawful order clean dismiss

alone in the lie you bury me
I've read tomes
what have you read to me
this play dough was red and it carried
this play dumb was blue and it buried

I'm buried by your lies
I'm dragged by these ties
you'd use this to destroy this

lawful orderliness mess
lawful order clean this misunderstanding
this standing
will spring
summers fall

a burden of truth
I'm so happy to be
never before so merry.
but alone and this lie I will bury.
but alone and these cries
these cries
these cries
these cries
I will carry

We will analyze one segment of this to show an artistic viewpoint that purposefully allows for multiple interpretations:
This standing will spring summers fall
movements, actions, one can stand, be sprung, and fall
standing will bring upon the fall of summer
to winter, autumn or fall, springs the fall of summer, spring summer fall (three seasons)
well we could read into this one line endlessly

and that was the point.
its a riddle