Saturday, October 3, 2009

Item of Interest (I met immortal technique)

The other night I went to my first concert in awhile, with the last concert I went to being Coldplay in Cincinnati. I would say oh lolz well I have been to shows in which i have played, however that would be mildly self indulging in terms of promoting the fact I am a struggling musician, and the fact that its just silly. The fact that I ended up stating this regardless doesn't make me much better ha, but it doesn't matter much to me.

I am trying to take a less pretentious approach to this writing, and maybe I will begin dedicating it more to my music and general updates on what I am trying to record and my current direction. I have an audition in Boston in several weeks which places a large amount of weight on my future direction musically and collegiately, so I'm unsure of where to begin and where I will end.

Anyways I went and met Immortal Technique after seeing him and his posse in concert:

I've met "famous" musicians before, and consider myself quite close with several people who I think may really go somewhere in the future, so I wouldn't necessarily say I am "star struck", I've met Matthew Good a bunch of times (famous canadian musician) and eventually managed to upset him through questions and commentary via email haha. I even managed to start a controversy a couple years ago with several members of Circa Survive prompting Anthony Green to send me several messages from his own myspace, it was actually pretty funny, (it involved them trying to get their fans to sign up for some promo site about an iphone and me kind of shooting it down on their blog, which started this big controversy causing them to write another blog about it) anyways its silly, but unfortunately I have a history of being the iconoclast and drawing a lot of positive or negative attention for my opinions and views on things. Anyways!!

In regards to Immortal Technique, his stage presence is phenomenal. If you're familiar with his music, its quite powerful socio-politically, and addresses social, cultural, and political issues of both minorities and the majority. He's a bit of a conspiracy theorist and slight "radical" in some terms it's difficult for me to elaborate as I'm not 100% sure how much of what he does is "for show", but he's pretty intense and outspoken so I don't want to diminish or patronize him.

Anyways it was a pretty good show, quite intense, and his message is something worth listening to "viva la revolucion", I think he prescribes to the common mantra of think for yourself, question authority, and just the overall importance of people to believe in themselves and others. I'd have to elaborate but its kind of difficult unless you're familiar with his music. Check him out: