Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hampshire EP

I am currently recording an 8 song EP to be released later this year which should feature old and new songs all written and recorded by yours truly. I have 5 songs currently completely recorded with only polishing and slight tweaking needed to be done, with two more that should be finished by the end of next week. There is only one song that will be a challenge because I will have to get access to a full fledged recording studio versus my own home studio that is quite suitable for what I am doing at the moment but difficult for a full band.

This album will be mostly acoustic in nature focusing on soundscapes and vocals, with subtle layering of environments and little hidden gems of tasty sound that should leave you quite interested and happy.

I will begin posting samples when I get closer to mixing and mastering.

Track list:
1.) An Introduction To The Problem
2.) Alone In The Library
3.) The Boy Who Caught A Crow
4.) Silence This Voice
5.) Be Patient
6.) Classical Blues
7.) Paves The Way
8.) An Instrumental Exit For The Solution

-Michael Grepp