Friday, August 13, 2010

Personals Uncut

In the last 5 months I have begun to get involved in acting in the Cleveland area. This Saturday and next saturday I will be appearing in a comedic play titled Personals Uncut at the Kennedy Theater in Playhouse square. You can purchase tickets via the playhouse square box office, over the phone, and I believe online as well. The play will be showing Saturday August 14th at 7 and 10pm and Saturday August 21st at 7 and 10pm, it should be a very funny night so make sure to grab a ticket if you can!

Here's the write up for it:
"Personals Uncut is an original play that explores today's best venue for meeting singles – online dating! The show is performed as a series of monologues that consists of two acts. Personals Uncut gives the audience an uncensored glimpse into the world of online dating. The cast portrays a wide range of colorful characters that gives the audience a taste of what's "out there" without having to type in a screenname. From the comfort of your velvet seat in the theatre, you are introduced to twenty-one eligible 'singles' looking for love (well mostly). So whether you’re curious as to what you might be missing or you’re an experienced cyber-dater, it will definitely be one hilarious night out! "