Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Hampshire EP

As some of you may be aware I temporarily left Cleveland in January to graduate from Miami of Ohio, I'm officially done with school and finally graduating, at this immediate moment I am finishing the Hampshire EP and will be releasing it this summer, as once I began my acting career this past March I had to postpone much of my recordings and push back the release date. Anyways here is a finished track that I have yet to release, and stay tuned for more updates and information as I get closer to a release date.

Silence This Voice

Silence This Voice by michaeldavidgrepp

This song is important to me in the sense that it was one of the first that allowed me to really capture what it means to be people and to relate to each other, and the distances and walls people create from each other, and their attempts at silencing and hurting others, particularly those who seek to express or show the truth. The differences between you and me are so minute, compared to the near infinitude of similarities we all share. This song addresses this.

(A California dream, and a window of opportunity)

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